Discipline: 3-Day Eventing
Date of Birth: July 21, 1959
Place of Birth: Macclesfield, England
Height: 6′
Home: Milwood, VA
Marital Status: single

What, other than riding, do you do to keep fit?
“I run for 30-40 minutes outside everyday.”

If you had not become a professional rider, what would you have gone into?
Stuart graduated from college with a degree in photography. He was a fashion photographer and used to do layouts.

What mentors do you have, in and outside of the horse industry?
He has always wanted to be able to ride like his dad and Richard Meade. Some very good friends that Stuart has always looked up to and valued are Van de Water and Alison Oliver.

What kind of car do you drive?
“I drive a green Landrover Discovery.”

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why?
After a little thought Stuart decided that he’d probably be a cheetah. That is because, “… they are graceful and fast.”

Tell us about your first pony.
Copper was 13.2 hh and also was referred to as “The Sherman Tank”. They called him this because, “He would walk through or go over any fence you could build!”

Who are the most interesting people you have had the opportunity of meeting?
Cindy and Neil Ishoy are very interesting and motivating – “I don’t really see them anymore but they are one of the neatest couples – 2 very special people”. He also loved meeting Van de Water and Jack LeGoff.

What is one of your worst habits?
Eating chocolate!

What has been the scariest experience in your life so far?
During the World Games in Italy, Stuart was quite ill but still competed. “I had no strength to stay in saddle and wasn’t quite sure how to get home.”

In your opinion, what is Canada lacking to make itself at the top of the international rankings?
“… volume of talented and dedicated riders. We have 3 or 4 and that is not enough.”

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by? What?
If Stuart ever gets into any dangerous situation there is a number that he says to himself which seems to make everything work out. Stuart began the 2000 season with a few bad falls and luck was not on his side. Shortly after he received an anonymous package in the mail that contained a brass horseshoe and a note. The note just said that they hoped this brought him good luck. Ever since he received the shoe he and his students have been on a wining streak! Stuart has no idea who sent him this, “all I know is that it was postmarked Maryland.” If it was you who sent this package Stuart thanks you!!!

What is your all time favorite movie?

What do you do to relieve stress before a big competition?
Stuart relies on his jogging to relieve stress, even on show days!

What is your up and coming horse?
Stuart won the 2000 Bromont CCI** 3-Day Event with Midnight Magic a 7 year-old ¾ TB standing 17.3hh. This gelding is by Pulsing, out of a King of Diamonds mare. Currently competing at Intermediate, Stuart is planning on going to England this fall to compete at Blenheim CCI***. The pair would also love to compete at Badminton in 2001.

Is there one song that describes you and your way of life?
“Destination by The Church is a really cool, motivating song. It’s all about, going somewhere in life and making something of your life – which I hope I do.”

If someone ran into you on the street, what kind of clothes would you be wearing?
“Something black!”

What has been the most embarrassing moment you have had in riding?
Luckily for Stuart his most embarrassing moment came early in life! Stuart was sitting in 2nd place while competing as a young rider at the Blue Ridge 3-Day Event UNTIL he went out partying the night before the stadium jumping portion and didn’t recover in time for his ride…Stuart had a stop and fell off at the first fence on course!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
“Our sport is not as well recognized here as it is in Europe.”

Who is someone that you have NEVER met, in or out of the horse industry that you would love to meet?
Jewel – “…she seems really kind of cool.” When asked if he liked her music he said, “…Ya, I like her better though!”

If you could be granted one wish what would it be that you would wish for?
Winning at Badminton. He has already competed there, so this would be the next step on his wish list!