This past week I had the pleasure of joining the cast of Heartland on set in Calgary. I will be providing the interviews over the next few months – first up is Alisha Newton, who joined Heartland in Season 6 as Georgie.

1. What do fans have to look forward to in Season 11 for Georgie?

Georgie has an awesome storyline this year. I’m super excited about it because I get to do some of my own stunt riding. In previous years we’ve really seen Georgie’s passion for trick riding grow and this year we’re going back to her show jumping. There’s a huge storyline along with a new horse and new experiences with Val Stanton. I think we see her mature a lot in her decisions with balancing school and horses. I’m really excited for her storyline this year.

2. What is your favourite Georgie line or “ism”?

A funny joke we have on set – and amongst people – is the “it’s all my fault” and running away crying line. I saw a tweet a few years ago that said “Every time I hear Georgie say it’s all my fault and run away I take a drink – I’m drunk every Sunday.”

3. Personal wise, tell us about your showing. How is that going?

Good. This year I took on a project horse, a mare. She’s a Thoroughbred/Hanoverian; she was only started a few years ago, she’s really green still, and very crazy. She’s been my project for the past year. Hopefully during the winter I will be back to doing some more stuff with my other horse, Aflame; he’s a Dutch Warmblood.

4. What are you most looking forward to for Season 11?

I’m looking forward to how deep Georgie’s storylines are and a lot of the riding is really cool for me this year. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of the stunt work and that kind of thing.

5. We’ve seen everything from llamas, bears and eagles, and, of course, horses, on Heartland; what animal would you like to see on the show?

My favourite animal is a red panda. I know that is super random, but I would love to see a red panda on Heartland.

6. What storyline or direction would you like to explore in Heartland?

Maybe something with the wild horses again. I think it would be really cool to see a storyline with a wild horse or something like that.

7. As a fan, over the years it’s been absolutely wonderful seeing your love for horses and Georgie’s love for horses just grow and expand; how has that been from your perspective?

It’s been really awesome. I rode before the show, but being on Heartland has given me so many opportunities to ride so many different and really awesome horses. It’s been really great for me. I was into horses before, but not as much as I am now and I have a horse of my own now.

8. What was your favourite scene so far in Season 11?

I think my favourite scene was probably a scene in episode 2, a scene between Georgie, Charles Thackery and her dad. It’s a really emotional scene with the three of them and I thought that the director blocked it, Grant Harvey, did a really amazing job with that entire episode and it was probably my favourite.

9. What have you learned from Georgie?

Georgie has taught me so much! I’ve learned to get back on your horse no matter how hard it is and I’ve learned a lot from the way she deals with certain situations and her maturity. She’s matured a lot these past few seasons. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from her that way as well.

10. What is your favourite horse to work with?