Nathaniel Arcand, better known as Dr. Scott Cardinal, has been on CBC’s Heartland since the very beginning. Appearing in 85 episodes since 2007, Scott is a well-beloved character in the show, first appearing as a love interest for Lou Fleming, and now as a mentor to Ty Borden. Scott has also been involved in many other horse-related roles throughout the years.

1. What do you enjoy most about being on Heartland?

Besides the great cast I’ve been working with since day one, I am most in love with the horses, the crew, the atmosphere of it all. It’s a world of its own. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I have had.

2. Did you have any experience with horses before being on Heartland?

Before I was on Heartland I had already had years of experience with horses. My father’s side of the family are mostly horsemen for many generations. Since the very first horse I laid eyes on, I was drawn in immediately and needed and loved being around them. I say this now but I should have went to veterinarian school when I started on the show…I’d be one by now after 13 years; never too late, right?

3. Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories to share regarding horses?

I do have a couple behind the scenes stories of horses for sure…. I think mostly it’s when the cast is filming a scene and the horse decides to have nature call or pass a lot of gas. Everyone is trying to stay in character while this horse is making noises and smells over our lines; very funny.

4. Tell us about working with the cast of Heartland.

Working with the cast of Heartland has always been wonderful and fun – everyone from Amber, Graham, Shaun and the rest of the cast have always been a family to me while I am on set.

5. You’ve been on Heartland since the very beginning; what has changed since then, and what has stayed the same?

I have noticed a few changes, mostly in characters that have come and gone as in any television series that has been long running. The pilot episode was on another farm before they were at the one they’ve made their home; Scott’s boots have changed a few times – I have the first pair I wore for the first few seasons, they’re so comfortable to wear.

6. If you could go back in time to when Heartland first started, what advice would you give yourself?

Enjoy the ride.

7. What has been your most emotionally and/or physically difficult scene to film for Heartland?

The airplane crash scene. It was very physically demanding as well as cold; difficult as it was I was happy with the end results.

8. Have you been in any other productions that involved horses?

Yes I have been in many productions involving horses if you look me up on my IMDB and or Google me, every second show I’ve done has involved horses it seems. Love it.

9. How do you prepare for your role as Scott?

I always have thought of Scott as the person I would truly want to be as a human being who cares for everyone and every living thing. True to his roots – the one person you can always count on is Dr. Scott Cardinal, DVM.

10. Do you have any upcoming roles you’d like to share?

As an actor I never know what will be next, but I know I would make an amazing action hero.