Morgan Neundorf is a young actress on Ponysitters Club, an Ontario filmed show that is  available on Canadian Netflix.

1. Tell us about your character, Skye.

Skye lives at Rescue Ranch where she makes sure everyone feels welcome and all the animals are taken care of. With hard work, she believes that the Ponysitters Club can accomplish anything.

2. Tell us about your experience with horses before the show.

I joined the cast of the Ponysitters Club with little knowledge on horses. However, after being on the show and being around horses all the time I had the opportunity to learn more about them and how to care for them.

3. What do you enjoy most about working on the Ponysitters Club?

The thing I enjoy most about working on the show is being able to work alongside some of the best people. I have made some great friendships with my fellow cast and crew and of course I enjoy being around the animals. Through the show I have met some of the most amazing people and got to hang with some pretty cool animals, which I thought I would never get to do.

4. Tell us about the horse(s) that appear on the show.

Though I personally have not ridden any of the horses on the show I do still work alongside Sweetie (who plays Puzzle) and she one of the friendliest and kindest horses.

5. What has been your most difficult scene?

Honestly, every scene I have done has been full of fun and laughter. One of the more difficult scenes to film it would be when it was raining outside and we were all sitting around a picnic table pretending it was a bright summery day. Although, even with rain coming down we still had a lot of fun and it made for some great memories.

6. Do you have any horse-related behind-the-scenes stories to share?

I don’t have any specific behind the scenes horse stories to share, but Kelly, the horse wrangler was on set every time the horses were and it was always very interesting to watch her prepare them for their scenes.

7. What makes the Ponysitters Club special? (Why should horse lovers watch?)

For me, Ponysitters Club is special because it deals with family, friends, care for animals and our environment. And although the show focuses on animals and caring for them, there is always a positive message in every episode.

8. What do you and Skye have in common, and how are you most different?

Skye and I are a bit different. She lives on a ranch and takes care of horses and I do not. Even though our lives are different, we do share some similar qualities which is why she is such a fun role to play. We are both very passionate about the things we love; we both love animals and we were both taught the value of hard work.

9. Do you have any horses of your own? If so, tell us about them. If not, what breed is your dream horse?

I unfortunately do not own any horses, but my favourite horse breed is a Morgan horse or a Shetland pony.

10. Do you have any upcoming roles to share?

No upcoming roles presently. I am in grade 9 and enjoying my first year of high school and looking forward to upcoming auditions.