brrrFrigid cold temperatures (-45C with the wind chill) was the story of the weekend. And while I really would have rather curled up inside under the blankets with a big cup of hot cocoa, that wasn’t an option. Just because I don’t want to do something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to get done. In addition to helping with Luc this weekend, I was also on Pebbles patrol, making sure my friend’s lovely chestnut mare was well looked after while her owner was out of town.

So I bundled up as best I could, which pretty much meant putting every article of clothing I own on, and headed out to the barn. My face was frozen about a minute after stepping out of the car. The unheated barn didn’t offer much in the way of relief, really only serving as a wind block. Jen, Luc’s owner and my sister, made up the food – one big bowl for Luc, and a slightly smaller one for Pebbles, and headed outside to brave the cold.
Pebbles bolted down her food in a matter of minutes, happy for the warm water I used to mix everything together. Despite the cold, cold, temperatures, she seemed quite happy, content and warm. Luc was the same way, grateful for the extra calories breakfast meant, but in no way suffering any ill effects from the sub-zero temperatures.

I wish I could say the same about me and Jen. We were both human popsicles after the 15 minutes or so we had to stand outside. After we left the barn, it took most of the day to warm up.

The next day it was more of the same… cold, cold, and cold. Pebbles and Luc were both still faring well, and I have to admit, it sure is lovely looking when it’s that cold. Everything frosted over, all sparkly under the clear blue sky. I think I made it a whole 20 minutes this time.

While it wasn’t the ideal weekend to have a second horse at my disposal (it was just too darn cold to ride!), I still enjoyed bundling up and going outside. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Sometimes, owning and caring for horses means doing things you’d really rather not – like going outside in freezing temperatures. But in the end it’s almost always worthwhile. Why? Because I always feel better after getting my horse fix!

PS. Sorry for the lack of photos this week – it was too cold for the camera!