There are all types of personalities in any breed.

There are all types of personalities in any breed.

Warning: this post may contain elements of humour. Humour is a tool; it can be used to diffuse a tense situation, insight perspective, or simply distract from an awkward or difficult situation.

I love a good laugh! Especially at my own expense! I’m not always conventional and I call it as I see it, no apologies, no regrets. I love all my horses, but not equally… I have my favourites and that’s ok. I ride with passion and enthusiasm and above all, I love to share that with those riders who understand that not every day is filled with unicorns pooping out butterflies. It’s riding and it’s often difficult, confusing and frustrating. It’s also worth it! Every single bit of the pure unadulterated pleasure which results from those magical moments when the stars align and the universe swallows you up in a ride that transcends the bounties of human and horse makes it all worthwhile. I cannot image any other sport I’d rather be doing or any lifestyle I’d rather be living.

For those among you who interpreted my post entitled The Almighty Thoroughbred as a slight to the Thoroughbred breed, let me say this: I was once privileged to have a horse that was the love of my daughter’s life. He distinguished himself by winning the hacks in the beginner children’s hunter division on the “A” circuit, along with accumulating impressive ribbons in the over fences classes during his first season of competition. He was uncompromising, enthusiastic and energetic. He hated lunging, loading and for some inexplicable reason he hated hills. He loved playing in his paddock, rearing for effect and putting in the most beautiful rhythmic hunter rounds possible. Most of all he loved my daughter. He was well on his way to the top when he was struck down by the auto immune disease lymphangitis. Nothing could be done to ease his discomfort and he was euthanized at the age of nine, in the prime of his life, and at the start of what was to be a very promising career. My daughter and I were devastated. This noble steed was indeed a Thoroughbred and his body is laid to rest on our farm. “Kaboom” now overlooks our hunter show ring keeping watch over my daughter as she attempts to find a partner worthy enough to fill his shoes. Was he a typical Thoroughbred, I don’t know and I don’t care. Every breed is comprised of a variety of personalities. I guess I just prefer those horses with a certain joie de vivre! Our hunter ring is named “The Memorial Ring” in his honour.

There is no perfect breed, no perfect discipline and no perfect rider. I have lived and loved all breeds of horses and ponies. I have ridden English and western and when no saddle presented I’ve embraced the freedom of the bareback ride. I have ridden for pleasure, performance and prizes and when pregnancy finally forced me out of the saddle I embraced the opportunity to learn carriage driving. My life with horses has been an amazing ride!

We all strive to make sense of our world from the back of a horse. There are more magazines, books, seminars, courses, channels, and yes, blogs dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of riding, training and working horses than can be imagined. I was both honoured and thrilled to have been given an opportunity to write for and share my experiences, thoughts, and yes, humour with horse enthusiasts across the country. My goal is to bring a little perspective, wisdom and insight to your equestrian pursuits, but mostly it’s to assure you that everyone has good days and bad, not all rides are eagerly anticipated and above all, a little vision coupled with a large sense of humour can go a long way to realizing your equestrian dreams.

I encourage you to post your comments and share your experiences with me, but mostly I hope you’ll enjoy my tongue-in-check, over-the-top look at life with horses… Ruckus Rider style, of course!