Screen-Shot-2016-05-03-at-1Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou? Buying a horse is one of the most exhilarating, exciting, adrenaline producing adventures horse people undertake. Nothing is quite as much fun or addictive as scrolling through endless For Sale sites looking for Mister or Misses right. But, much like searching for the perfect human partner, horse shopping can take far longer than initially anticipated before you land the love of your life.

Personally, I LOVE horse shopping. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t check out at least a few ad sites searching for well…anything.

Right now I have a few clients in the process of upgrading or searching for their first horse, so I’m spending a lot of my time counselling or consoling my people while they search for the new love of their life. Searching for a new partner can be difficult, but if you’re serious about finding the right partner, one who’s smart, brave, honest, kind, forgiving, stunningly attractive AND is willing to tolerate your own quirks and limitations…well, that might take some time. But, if you do find that perfect partner, it’s time well spent.

Rushing into a relationship because you’ve grown tired of the search is a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s a horsey or a human partner you’re looking for, no good ever came of settling. Sooner or later the honeymoon ends, the love goggles come off, and you find yourself dealing with attitudes, behaviours, and in some cases, physical limitations which seem way more pronounced once you’ve cut a cheque.

It’s easy to get swept away when you’re on a horse hunt. Everything, no matter how unlikely, seems like a potential match made in heaven especially when you’ve got a little cash in your pocket. That’s why all those horsey how-to books advise taking an experienced, level headed friend along for the ride. Preferably someone who knows you, likes you, and wants to see you live to see another day. I try to think of horse shopping as an excuse to get off the farm, go for a drive, and catch up with a friend. That way there’s way less pressure to purchase. My theory goes like this: check out the horse, and on the way home stop for a cup of tea. If you’re still thinking about that horse when tea time’s over, then its probably worth scheduling a second look. If, however, you’ve had your tea and haven’t given it a second thought, that’s a pretty good indication you should keep on searching.

Finding true love takes time. Some people luck out and find their perfect partner standing in the first paddock they search. Others traverse an entire province one paddock at a time in a desperate attempt to locate something, anything, that resembles the horse of their dreams. At times like this it’s best to remember there IS someone for everyone. It also helps knowing that the chase is often more exciting than the conquest. Happy searching!