What a handsome pony!

What a handsome pony!

For those of you who have been following along since I first put pen to paper you’ll know we are now entering into dangerous territory. Fall is approaching! Need I say more? For those of you who are joining me for the first Fall season I’ll spend a moment to fill you in.

The Fall season is my version of kryptonite. If you have something to sell, no matter how ridiculous, just drop by and let me have a look. I can pretty much guarantee I’ll have a burning desire to own whatever you’re peddling and if history is any indication I’m about due for a new “something”. Which is why last week I shirked all my responsibilities, jumped in my truck and headed down to Pennsylvania to have a look at a horse.

I went primarily to “rule him out”. I figured that instead of wasting a lot of time and energy picturing all of the wonderful times we’d have together and how awesome we’d look galloping through the fields (although he’s only walked and trotted under saddle, I’m sure he’ll master it in a jiffy and love nothing more than to carry my sorry self, round and round). Or maybe driving down the road (although he has no experience in that area, I’m sure he’ll take to driving like a duck to water, he looks that good!). So, instead of imagining all of the possibilities and wondering if he’d measure up, I went down to have a look.

The plan was to drive down have a look and “rule him out”… I know, I know!

So now I’m in love and hard pressed to think about anything other than this stupid pony. Oh, yes, he’s a pony. Although advertised as 14.3/15 hands this guy is a solid 14.2. Definite pony material. What the ad should have said is: actual size may vary. But despite or perhaps because of that fact, I think he’s perfect. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous, black, Friesian pony stallion? (Oh yah, forgot to mention that he’s a stud. Oops! My bad). So now among other things, I have to figure out if he really, really is amazing or if I’m wearing the Fall “Love Goggles”.

And that’s why, as always advised, I brought a cooler head along with me for the ride: my daughter. She’s no fool when it comes to horse shopping and she knows me well enough to keep me on point and focused when temptation strikes. Her standards are impressively high and she cuts through my crap like a sharp shovel. There’s no getting away with anything when this kids around!

Big mistake…she loved him, thought we were great together and she’s approved the match! OMG now what am I supposed to do?! Deep down I know that he’s way too much money for a half broke pony that I’ll have to jump through hoops to import not to mention I’ll have to exchange my sagging Canadian currency to pay for him in American money. What is she thinking?!

Only that he’s the best pony ever!

So, back at the ranch….I’ve taken inventory, weighed the pros and cons of all of my pony “collectibles” and I’ve written some ads of my own. The race is on! I need to sell some ponies, the dollar needs to make a HUGE recovery, and all of this has to happen before my 60 day deposit is up. (Did I forget to mention that I’ve already agreed to send down a non-refundable deposit? Again, so sorry, my mistake.)

I know, I know…what can I say? Fall is here!