Bridle Fitting Basics

It isn’t too often you see a horse ridden without a bridle. All those straps, parts and pieces serve practical functions for the horse and rider.


In this article professional freelance groomer Amanda Geerlinks helps us take grooming to the next level while keeping the horse’s comfort front of mind.

Cora and Max: A Love Story on Many Levels

Andy Spencer says every day is a happy day for his daughter with special needs, 10-year-old Cora, a rider at Guelph, Ontario’s Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre.

Instructor Tiffany Mast describes Cora Spencer as “fun, outgoing and energetic,” while …

Saddle Pad Savvy

With such a dizzying array of shapes, materials, colours and patterns, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when choosing a saddle pad.