Pasture Poisons

While there are hundreds of species of weeds toxic to horses, the following six include two of the most poison, deadly ones.

Perfecting The Rein-Back

When your mounted horse is backing calmly and well, his legs will be working together in diagonal pairs, his head and neck will be somewhat extended, his mouth will be closed, and his movements will be smooth, straight, and relaxed.

Winter Hoof Care Woes

When it comes to winter hoof care, “one size doesn't fit all,” says Doug Butler, Ph.D., CJF, FWCF and author of The Principles of Horseshoeing.

The Perfect Halt

While a good halt is particularly important in dressage, riding coach and judge Kitty Bowland says there's no real difference in judging halts in the different disciplines. 'A square halt is a square halt.'