Poll Archive

Do you use support boots to protect your horse's legs while riding?

  • No (80%)
  • Yes (20%)

5 latest comments:

  • I do only light trail riding.

Have you heard of the "paddock paradise" tracks system approach to turn out?

  • No (61%)
  • Yes (39%)

5 latest comments:

  • I think it's a great idea. For small and large scale horse farms.
  • What is it?
  • Definitely!!! Love it! Have studied the track IDEAS from Rockley Farm in the UK.
  • fantastic method of turning horses out!
  • what is it?

Do you experience pain when you ride? Where?

  • Other (29%)
  • Knees (29%)
  • Hips (29%)
  • Shoulders (7%)
  • Back (6%)

5 latest comments:

  • I find I get pain in my tailbone
  • Iower leg

Has your horse received chiropractic treatments?

  • Yes (60%)
  • No (40%)

Do you include fish oil in your horse's diet?

  • No (83%)
  • Yes (17%)

5 latest comments:

  • I use hemp oil. Horses are herbivores.
  • Horses are herbivores, why would you want to feed them an animal product

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