Poll Archive

Do you compete as a "catch rider?"

  • No (38%)
  • Yes (25%)
  • I don't compete (25%)
  • Sometimes (12%)

5 latest comments:

  • Only when asked

Is there a heater in your horse's outdoor water trough?

  • Yes (83%)
  • No (17%)
  • Other (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • It’s -30*C!! The water would freeze if we didn’t have a heater in the troughs!
  • Yes, or they would never stay liquid!

Has your horse had a hoof abscess?

  • Yes, several times. (42%)
  • Yes, once or twice. (42%)
  • No (16%)

Does your horse suffer from laminitis?

  • No (67%)
  • Yes, he has regular bouts (11%)
  • Yes, occasionally (11%)
  • Yes, once or twice in the past (11%)
  • I don't know (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • Yes! She has regular

Has your horse ever escaped his paddock?

  • Yes, but he didn't go far. (64%)
  • Yes, and then he left the property. (20%)
  • No, thank goodness. (16%)

5 latest comments:

  • She’s has jumped out twice.
  • Yup. A couple of times. Usually find them on the front lawn waiting to be rescued
  • Only because other horses knock down the fence
  • Horse escaped, -winter- and went on road. I ran after them in slippers, kiddies locked in house.Drivers honking to help! NOT!

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