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Is there a lot of "drama" at your barn?

  • I don't pay attention to that stuff (54%)
  • No (29%)
  • Yes (17%)

5 latest comments:

  • Only me and my horses in my barn so the only Drama Queen we have is my puppy who plays a little ruff with the cat.

Do you ride with a flash noseband? Why?

  • No (65%)
  • Sometimes (26%)
  • Yes (9%)

5 latest comments:

  • my bridle doesn't have a flash nose band and i have never used one.
  • Never found a need for it.
  • Never, any nose band that tightens infront of the bit is way too restrictive for the horse, and verging on cruel.

Does your horse eat bananas?

  • Never tried one! (68%)
  • Yes (24%)
  • No (8%)

5 latest comments:

  • And mandarin oranges. 🙂

Do you use clicker training? For what purpose? Tell us in the comments.

  • No (92%)
  • Yes (8%)

5 latest comments:

  • I do not use clicker training, I use words animals including horses understand when you speak to them.

Do your horse's hooves crack in the spring?

  • No (75%)
  • Yes (25%)

5 latest comments:

  • the is a real prblom around here

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