Discipline: 3-Day Eventing

What, other than riding, do you do to keep fit?

"I love water sports especially boating and sailing, but this is rather a
recreation. For fitness purposes I run in preparation for 3 day events, but I
hate running."

What mentors do you have, in andoutside of the equestrian industry?
"There are people who continually impress me outside the horse world, but
it would be for character qualities. All of my mentors exist in the horse world,
and include General Michael Gutowski who after 20 years still finds new things
to teach me; Ian Millar, the premiere example of style and class; George Morris,
the ultimate coach and fundamentalist with such high values and standards for
horsemanship; and Denny Emmerson an academic, author, competitor and coach. Few
people have done so much for the sport of eventing in the US and Canada.

What kind of car do you drive?
Peter has a white 2000 Dodge pick up truck.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
"A horse in my barn – for the pampering!"

Tell us about your first horse.
Peter’s horse was a 15 hh buckskin by the name of Bill Dunn that cribbed. Peter
got him when he was 26 and Peter "thought he’d died and gone to

Who is someone that you have never met, in or out of the horse industry that you would like to? Why?
Peter would love to meet Tina Turner. "I love her energy, music and
vivacity." He really likes a line in the epilogue of her autobiography,
which talks about things giving her grief… "whether it’s a car, a job, a
husband, if you don’t like it, get rid of it, otherwise your true creativity
will never come out."

If you could be granted one wish what would it be that you would wish for?
"Take politics out of Sport."

What is your favorite quote and who said it?
Referring to the training of (any) competition horses, "it is better to
upgrade a year too late, than one day too early." General Michael Gutowski

What is something you have done in your life that you truly regret?
"Not attending the Tina Turner concert in Toronto in June."

What are some words of advice that you would like the readers of our magazines and website to remember you for?
"I would like to be remembered for words, not advice." Those words
are: Fairness, Dedication, Charity, Respect, Giving, Horsemanship, Fundamentals
and Compassion.

What is one of your worst habits?
Peter has a problem with saying ‘NO’!!

What was your New Years resolution
for 2000? Have you been able to keep it so far?

"My personal distaste for New Years prevents me from making resolutions,
although I set weekly goals to work on improving areas of weakness."

In your opinion, what is Canada
lacking to put itself at the top of the international rankings?

"In 3 day eventing we are missing many basic ingredients to having a more
competitive International Team, including the obvious: sponsors, better horses,
along with the finances to travel and compete. I believe it eventually comes
back to education of the general public. Desire to win is always there, but the
drive to work to be the best you possibly can be is often missing."

How do you relieve stress before a
big competition?

Peter relies on three things; organization, sleep and mental preparation

Of all of your past horses, which
one did you enjoy the most?

" Newport. A 17.2 hh Trakehner/TB that I imported sight unseen from
Argentina. He was the most sensible, genuine and talented horse I have ever had.
His former owner was General Galtieri, the President of Argentina. Newport was
his ceremonial horse, eventually put up for auction as a gesture of good will,
to raise money to fight the British during the Falkland Island War. He took me
to many major competitions throughout Europe including Badminton and the World
Equestrian Games in Stockholm. He is now retired at the H.E.I. Dupont estate in
Delaware. My new horse "Red Affair V" could give him a run for his

What do you get out of coaching

Coaching, to Peter, allows him to feel, "the inspiration of passing on
knowledge and seeing results before your eyes."

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what
would you do with your life, besides coaching?

If he could afford it, he’d love to be an owner of "a lovely string of
horses ridden by highly dedicated and talented young riders."

What has been the most embarrassing
moment you have had on a horse?

"At Le Lion D’angers CCI ** in France, I had a wonderful time at the
welcome reception, sampled too much of the locally produced champagne, and
playfully joined the small group of octogenarians on the stage, who were singing
a melody of French verses for our listening pleasure. On completing my dressage
test the next morning, the head of the Ground Jury announced from his judges box
that my performance was better the night before!"

If you were able to give back the
equine industry in some way, how would you do that?

Peter would like to become involved officiating at Canada’s national
competitions, an area he feels needs new people. His own personal goal is to
start a "Spruce Meadows" of eventing in Ontario. He has plans of
hosting a C.I.C (FEI horse trials) at both the Intermediate and Advanced levels
where he hopes to attract the best riders from across North America with good
prize money.

What do you feel the focus of the
Canadian 3 Day Team should be for the next 4 years?

"Having a 4 year plan leading up to the next Olympic year and including the
2002 World equestrian Games in Spain. Encouraging riders to have realistic goals
within this time frame, and training as hard as they possibly can to be their
very best. Fundraise to send teams to European competitions, improving skills in
riding as a team, and under pressure. Educate the less experienced, and develop
a keen sense of Team Spirit."