Watering, feeding, mucking, grooming, bathing, cleaning, etc. ‒ life with horses is tough on our skin. Sun, wind, dust, and dirt can suck out any moisture, leaving skin dry and irritated.

Cowgirl Magic Ultra-Hydrating Cream was created especially for those who take care of horses … and need extra care for their hands and face. This age-defying moisturizer, new to the Cowboy Magic line of products, adds a cowgirl’s touch. Rejuvenate hands, neck and face with a mildly aromatic, silk-infused cream designed just for a cowgirl (or cowboy) like you.

“If soft, supple, smooth skin is what you want to achieve, Cowgirl Magic Ultra Hydrating Cream from Cowboy Magic is your answer. Cowboy Magic, the name you trust to groom your horses, now has a product made especially for you,” stated Devon B. Katzev, president of Straight Arrow Products. “We had a lot of fun creating the label ‘making it real’ and imagined a savvy cowgirl picking-up a tube and writing ‘girl’ over ‘boy’ in lipstick to make it her own!” he explained.

Restoring skin’s moisture levels is imperative to keep skin (especially your hands) from looking dry, rough and ragged. Ultra-Hydrating Skin Cream is enriched with age-defying ingredients including a blend of natural oils such as coconut, apricot, avocado, sesame and olive oils which are crucial to restoring suppleness to the skin and are also vital nutrients help to keep nails strong and flexible. Most horse folks are no-nonsense, so renewal and revitalized skin needs to happen in minutes. You will see that even the roughest, most callused and tough areas instantly turn velvety and silky smooth with immediate absorption.

Keep your skin as soft as any ‘city slicker’ by taking a cue from the cowboys and cowgirls who are really tough on their skin, especially their hands!

Some cowboy may try to swipe your tube, and why not?!

• Fresh, clean, light fragrance with an aromatic refreshing scent and age-defying properties for the entire body, face, hands and feet

• Deeply hydrates to firm skin and fight the appearance of wrinkles in one simple product

• Formula enriched with a blend of coconut, apricot, avocado, sesame and olive oil that restore suppleness to the skin

• Extra soothing moisturizer for dry, rough, ragged skin, leaving skin velvet soft

• Luxurious, buttery feel that absorbs completely into skin without leaving a residue