Created by show jumpers Kevin Maxie and Ashley Glanc of Erin, Ontario, Struck Apparel launched in 2014 to serve the equestrian industry.

In this Horse Sport article, Kevin recalls the inspiration for the line – a terrible green pair of breeches reminiscent of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. When they stopped laughing, Kevin and Ashley declared that there must be a better way to dress in the show ring.

After a fruitless search for equestrian apparel that resonated with their sense of style, the couple decided to come up with some designs of their own, starting with show jumping breeches with knee patches. Today, Struck Apparel offers a variety of breeches, t-shirts, caps and riding socks. Next up, are show shirts and jackets.

Struck products are currently available on their website, at retailers across Canada and some outlets in the United States, as well as at a couple of retailers in Europe.

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