Francois Lamontagne knew early on that he wanted to be a professional equestrian. His parents recognized his talent and commitment and supported his dream.

He learned to ride at Ecurie de la Chaudiere in Quebec, and points to Nicole Lapierre and Julie Proulx as his mentors when he was starting out. In this Horse Sport article, he credits them with giving him “the tools and support to be able to pursue a successful career in horses.”

Nowadays, Lamontagne regularly lands near the top of leaderboard, often with horses he has trained himself. He enjoys training young horses as competitive mounts, seeing them grow and develop, and takes pride in their accomplishments.

Lamontagne has made a name for himself as a ‘one-man band’ in the show jumping world. He’s been known to arrive at top venues such as Spruce Meadows without a groom, but, he says, that’s the way he likes it. He feels it’s important to have a close relationship with each of his horses.

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