How often does someone’s passion find its spark from a Grade 3 class trip to a horse farm? For Chet Martin, that’s exactly what got him going down the road to becoming a world-class competitor and trainer in the reined cow horse discipline.

That trip showed him about horsemanship, which in turn led him to begin writing his own book about the craft of horsemanship and training … and now, despite the book not being on the New York Times Bestseller’s list, Chet has turned his work in the saddle into something to behold.

Joining Tracey for the latest episode of Hitting Your Stride, Chet talks about how he sees each day as an opportunity to put in the hard work to get better at something he still can’t believe he’s paid to do. They talk about the differences and similarities between reining and dressage, how equestrian athletes need a strong support team around them to find the success they strive for, and just how far a sharp sense of humour can take a guy.

Daily, Chet works with horses and prepares them so he can find and develop that one outstanding characteristic that will help turn them into the best they can be, and he talks about how implanting good thoughts and intentions into a horse from the start spurs their progress forward. Listen as he talks about going on a ‘journey of blunt advice’ and about all the tips and techniques he shares about getting himself and his horses primed and ready.

Above all, Chet shows his appreciation for the good fortune of being able to do something he loves so passionately – taking time on his walks in from the barn on a moonlit night to really savour his place and all that remains within his reach.

You can find Chet Martin online at as well as on Facebook (Martin Ranch) and Instagram (chet.martin.ranch). Listen to the episode here.