Naima and Statesman rockin’ it out.

It was a day of firsts for our other two Canadian riders in this competition but not particularly in the best way. Lindsay Kellock’s mare Floratina took exception during some tempi changes and did the stanky leg, much to Lindsay’s surprise. And the normally stately Statesman decided to go full-on racehorse when Naima Moreira-Laliberte was showing off his massive canter extension. We all thought he was headed for the water jump on the other side of the dressage ring; the fact that Naima was laughing after she got him under control is indicative of the sensible character of this young rider.

You can read my full report here:


It was lovely to have an off day yesterday to recover and get some ‘regular’ magazine work done. I took a couple of strolls away from the hotel to scope out what the area had to offer. San Borja (pronounced Bor-hah) appears to be a bit more upscale than a lot of Lima, with nice condos and parks with sculptures and water features and even a colourful concert stage. It is also reasonably safe by all accounts lot of the crime here are considered “crimes of opportunity” where unscrupulous types will happily relieve you of items if you are not keeping an eye on them. Cell phones are particularly hot items.

Since on most days dinner for busy journalists and photogs consists of a room service sandwich as we work well into the evening, a group of us took advantage of the rare day off and dined at a nearby restaurant called Don Tito last night where they were purported to make the best pollo de la braso (BBQ chicken). My delicious, enormous meal with a tasty local cervesa was the equivalent of about $22 Canadian very reasonable, as have been most of our meals here.


The eventers are in the house! Tomorrow we get to watch the trot-ups and ring orientation, plus hopefully walk the very interesting cross-country course. The condor drop fence is especially intriguing I am not sure what the horses will make of it. Hasta mañana!