But it was young Nicole Walker of Canada who really shone through today. She displayed such grace and focus under pressure to narrowly miss the bronze medal and finish fourth the best result for the Great White North. She had better be chosen to represent our country when the Tokyo Olympics roll around next year, or I will have to write a harshly-worded letter to the selection committee.

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This Pan Am experience has been a very pleasant one. The venue was superb, the local food was good (and cheap!) the sport was terrific and it is great to see the South and Central Americans really upping their game (maybe even a bit too much for my liking, seeing as they kicked our butts!). The last Pan Ams I attended in South American was in Mar del Plata (Bueno Aires), Argentina, in 1995 and the quality of the riding and horsepower has advanced exponentially since then. The only downside has been the cold weather and the horrific traffic snarls which caused great angst when we were trying to get back to our hotels at night to drink file stories and sort photos. But now I am out of money and wine and clean clothes and eager to get back home. I leave you with a parting shot.

Adiós, Peru. ¡Hasta luego!


It’s been a slice! (Cealy Tetley photo)