This article, which appeared in the Canadian Thoroughbred Sirebook 2019, offers a step-by-step overview of registering foals through the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS), the official registrar for all Thoroughbreds born in Canada under the Animal Pedigree Act. First, Canadian-born foals must be dual registered with The Jockey Club (TJC) and the CTHS to be eligible to run in national and provincial restricted races and breeder bonuses.

The article delineates timelines and requirements for both associations. For example, the TJC requires a DNA sample, microchip number, photos, description of markings and Stallion Service Certificate. For the CTHS, breeders registering a foal must be paid-up members and include in their application the registration fee, Canadian-bred declaration form and any specific provincial forms. New for 2108 and moving forward, THC certificates will only be issued digitally (the CTHS is soon to follow), so details on how to do this with or without a computer is described.

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