Cowboy Magic was founded in California, in 1979 by Jim and Charlotte Cummings after reformulating top-of-the-line human hair-care products to create Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine. A full line of high-quality grooming products followed – all affordable and designed primarily for horses, but could be used on people, as well.

Straight Arrow Products CEO Devon B. Katzev.

Straight Arrow Products CEO Devon B. Katzev.

In rural New Jersey, nearly 50 years ago, Devon’s parents, Bonnie and Phil, founded Straight Arrow Products, Inc, the makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail. Cowboy Magic found its perfect home and became part of the Straight Arrow stable in 2014.

Maintaining its place as Cowboy Magic’s legacy product, the Detangler & Shine concentrated gel with added silk protein doesn’t contain water or alcohol. A nickel-size amount works instantly to fix knots, tangles, dreadlocks and help remove the bane of every horse person – those dreaded burrs. The deep-conditioning formula repels dust and dirt for a long-lasting lustre.

Detangler & Shine is formulated for human and equine hair, plus it is extremely popular with dog (and even cat) owners. They love the fact that it easily removes, loosens and conditions matted and tangled fur and leaves their pets with gleaming coats.

A second product in Cowboy Magic’s “finishing line” is Super Bodyshine, a concentrated formula that dries fast, repels dust and reflects light for a super shine. Not to be outdone, the Cowboy Magic “grooming line” includes Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner, Greenspot Remover, which the company refers to as a “shower in a bottle,” and a whitening shampoo called Shine in Yellowout.

Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic’s “finishing line” includes Greenspot Remover, Detangler & Shine and Super Bodyshine – must-haves for horse owners.

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