We’ve all seen the rise in Covid-19 case counts and have heard the dire warnings from our nation’s top medical experts warning of a long and potentially deadly winter. According to a report by the CBC, cold weather will help the virus spread faster due to the lower temps and dry air, not to mention that people congregate indoors more often and longer and without open windows!

A new round of restrictions that affect our day-to-day activities have arrived in many parts of Canada and we may see full-blown lockdowns once again. For many that could mean barn closures, or for others, appointment-only rides.

Keeping safe this winter means face masks are here to stay and a few forward-thinking manufacturers have answered the call by introducing masks that help keep out the chill. These masks are perfect for those who work at the barn or ride outdoors, or for those whose horse takes some encouragement to get caught in that snowy paddock! Here are some of our favourites:


Ears, Nose & Mouth: This combination of earmuff and face mask is an added layer of protection during our first (and hopefully last) Covid-19 winter. It may fit over your helmet too!


Knit One: This Brooklyn-based manufacturer didn’t love the masks that were being produced during the pandemic so decided to create their own. The result is this lightweight but fitted knit mask that is sure to not only help in the fight against Covid-19 but keep your face warm while looking chic in the saddle.


Fleeced: Surely one of the wonder fabrics for riding sweaters, vests and jackets, now there’s a fleece face mask to ensure that you’re protected while protecting others, but also warm in the process. The inner side that touches your face is made from bamboo cotton, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.


No Jacket Required: Whether you’ve been able to compete this year or are just dreaming about it, this herringbone tweed mask will make you think of your best show jacket since it’s made from leftover blazer and suiting material. The mask is stunning, sturdy and oh so stylish, and its fabric’s added heft also provides additional warmth.


Festive Face: While these masks are made from the same cotton as you probably wore since spring, we couldn’t resist including this Alberta-based brand from the list due to their extensive holiday patterns which will bring a smile to anyone you meet – you just won’t be able to tell since their mouth will be covered…..