If someone had told us that in 2020 we’d all be wearing face coverings to protect ourselves from a deadly virus we’d have thought they were insane – or a Hollywood screenwriter! But alas, face masks are no joke, nor are they a scenario dreamed up in Tinseltown. Instead, face masks have become a daily necessity and are proven in study after study to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially indoors when social distancing is difficult.

It’s a stark reality that the pandemic is likely to be around for another year or possibly longer, making masks a highly functional and safe part of our day-to-day wardrobe. So why not make a fashion statement out of it? And for us horse lovers, there are several equine-themed mask options on the market to put our best face forward.

We scoured the Internet and found some original takes on horse print masks that we wanted you to know about. Here are some of our favorites:



SanBieri Creations

The creation of Florida horsewoman Sandra Parker-Bieri, who started sewing masks at her home on Sanibel Island back in March when the pandemic was in its earliest days. ‘Sandy’ is an experienced dressage rider and her current mount is a five-year-old Dutch gelding named Kiss.

When Sandy observed what was happening with the pandemic, she decided to take action and give back. Her goal with the custom masks she creates is charity, not profit, as customers are asked to make a donation to one of the charities listed on the website.

SanBieri Creations are custom orders; you’ll find an extensive gallery of fabric options including horses, dogs and other fabulous patterns. You can opt for pleated or shaped style, with or without filter pockets, with your choice of ear fastener and trim. The masks come in various sizes and many are reversible. Stylish and affordable!


Le Chateau

The Canadian fast-fashion emporium has turned to making PPE during the pandemic and we love this pretty pink horse mask that is 100% cotton and made in Canada. A portion of proceeds will go to a Canadian food bank.


Brave New Look

This chic black and white mask is adjustable for fit and comes with one PM2.5 filter to insert inside the pre-made pocket.


This site was created in Australia in 2006 as a way for artists to sell their work on the global stage. It makes sense that artists would turn their creative talents to PPE, and the site offers a selection of equine-themed face masks.

The Painting Pony

This small family-run business is based in the U.S. and was started by a young woman named Jessica, a self-taught artist and horse lover and owner. Her selection of masks currently only ship to an American address.



Yes, this is a big corporate fashion brand– but the adorable unicorn mask doesn’t come with a big corporate fashion price. Just $20!