A shipment of French horses was delivered to Canada in 1665. These horses were part of the royal shipment to New France from King Louis XIV. Canada has established five breeds since its arrival. What breeds belong to the most impressive? Let’s find out!

Canadian Warmblood

Common understanding holds that Canadian Warmbloods are the apex of sport horse breeding. This type is perfect for high-pressure sports since they have good minds and can deliver excellent results. Their speed, agility, and stamina make them excellent jumpers, hunters and eventers. Canadian Warmbloods are highly regarded not just for their innate ability but also for their pleasant temperament, which makes them a joy to train and ride.

Sable Island Horse

The Sable Island horse was born on Sable Island, Nova Scotia. In the breeding procedure that culminated in the birth of this breed, the Thoroughbred, one of the most popular horse breeds in the world, was used as a parent breed. The horse has a fiery nature and a proclivity towards aggression. These horses have a superb reputation for being very intelligent and easy to train as a breed. However, they may be difficult to manage unless they are adequately schooled from an early age.

Lac La Croix Indian Pony

This small pony breed originated in the Lac La Croix area of Ontario. They are a hardy breed with a very short coat. They are relatively small but have excellent ground manners and can be trained to perform many different tasks.

Lac La Croix Indian ponies are known as very gentle and docile, making them ideal for children who want to learn how to ride but also for adults who want an easy-to-ride horse that won’t break their bones if they fall off.

Newfoundland Pony

Miniature horses of the Newfoundland Pony breed may be traced back to the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. Although the ponies were primarily used for riding and carrying packs, their compact stature made them well-suited for other tasks. Ponies are versatile animals that can be taught to pull carts, wagons, and other heavy loads when harnessed. Because of this, they may be used for pulling carriages or working on farms. Ponies aren’t only powerful and agile and kind and social. Unfortunately, few of these ponies are left since they’re on the verge of extinction.

Canadian Rustic Pony

The Canadian Rustic Pony is an adaptable miniature horse formed from the Heck horse, the Welsh pony, and the Arabian horse. These horses are about 12-13 hands in height. Originating in the wild explains why they may display unusual characteristics like stripes and erect manes. Their pleasant dispositions belie their animal origins as ponies. They get along with other species and people, too. If a Canadian rustic pony is taught to jump, it will likely do well.

Canadian Horse Breeds in Movies and Media

Horses have become quite a popular theme, not only in movies but also in advertisements and even games. They have become such a ubiquitous character, that even casino players can opt to play horse-themed online slots before moving onto a classic game of blackjack or poker at a Canadian Live Casino. And let’s not forget there is an entire fan-base dedicated to watching a good old classic Western movie. This presence of horses on the big screen can create the misconception among the common public that any horse can be successful on the big screen. In their eyes, every horse is seen of equal worth. However, contrary to widespread opinion, this is not the case. Numerous breeds of horses exist in Canada, each with its unique traits. Remember that not every horse has the same temperament; some are born leaders, while others prefer helping out around the farm to running in a race. They look nothing like the ones you can bet on in horseracing. While the Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Arabian are common sights at the racetrack, the Carolina Marsh Tacky, Mountain Pleasure Horse, and Camarillo White Horse are often seen in Hollywood productions.


Native Canadian horse breeds are energetic animals useful for various purposes. While most of these horses are bred for transportation, you can also get a strong, loyal animal for many other purposes. These horses can perform even under challenging conditions due to their resistance and perseverance.

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