The Inadvertent Rescuer

Andrea Harrison says she never set out to be a horse “rescuer,” and yet, her home has become a safe haven for several horses in need of sanctuary.

Saddle Pad Savvy

With such a dizzying array of shapes, materials, colours and patterns, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when choosing a saddle pad.

How to: Deal with a “Pushy” Horse

Pushiness can range from constantly searching for treats in your pockets to actually biting you or seemingly walking through you like you are not even there. Before we learn how to correct pushy behaviour, we must first understand why our …

Resistance-free Bridling

If you are having trouble bridling your horse, first check for any physical issues that might be the source of the problem, then check your bridling skills.

Make Fly Spray Application a Breeze

It’s summertime, and that means bugs, bugs and more bugs! So, it’s time to pull out the insect repellant. But what do you do if your horse runs the other way as soon as she sees the bottle? In this …