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Legal Considerations of Having Children and Dogs at the Barn

Some stables have a “no dog” rule, but it’s difficult to have a “no children” rule. Learn how to protect yourself and your guests, with sensible barn rules.

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Laws for Buying and Selling Horses in Canada

If you buy or sell a horse, and particularly if there is a trial period, you must be aware of the existing Canadian laws that could put you at risk.


The Horse Welfare Crisis in Ontario and Beyond

Animal welfare enforcement is in flux in this country, and in some areas, in crisis. People want to know where to turn when they see horses in trouble.


Social Media and Defamation

Lawyer Catherine E. Willson explains what you need to know about defamation in the horse world, so can protect yourself, on both sides of the fence.


The State of Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada

Find out which animal cruelty laws exist in Canada and how they are monitored and enforced in the country, and learn how to report problems.

By: Liz Brown