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Spring Cleaning Advice from a Seasoned Horse Farmer

With his signature wit, Doug Breen offers spring cleaning tips for getting your horse farm into shape so it can look it’s best once the snow melts.


Bringing Water to Your Horse Paddocks

Keeping horses hydrated can be a challenge, between hot summers and sub-arctic winters. Find out the best way to get fresh water to your paddocks.


Brighten Your Indoor Arena Riding Experience, Naturally

WeCover Structures Inc. makes custom-designed and built indoor riding arenas, with their innovative free-span fabric-panel and steel-truss roof system.

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Better Grazing: Steps to Saving Your Horse Pasture

Is your pasture in need of some TLC to make it a viable source of forage for your horses? Here is some advice on how to get the best from your grazing.


When it Comes to Horses, Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Whatever statement you are (or are not) trying to make, when it comes to horses, good fences certainly do make good neighbours.


Mud Management: Lessons Learned from Golf

What do horse farms and golf courses have in common? At certain times of year dealing with mud – avoiding it and minimizing it – is a full time job!


The Fine Print

If you're planning to build on your property, it's important to research things like permits, insurance and guarantees before you break ground.


Equine Welfare Guidelines

To improve welfare standards for horses around the world, researchers are working to develop a set of guidelines for how they are managed and handled.


10 Insect Repelling Plants

Grow these 10 plants around your house and barn to repel biting insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. They are all safe to grow around pets and children.

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Rural Equine Vet Shortage

Rural Canada has suffered from an equine vet shortage for decades. What can be done to provide services to the far-flung horse owners in this country?