Name: Keean White
Date of Birth: March 16, 1983
Place of Birth: Cambridge, ON
Height: 5’11
What type of books do you like reading?
What are you currently reading? N/A
Are there any TV shows you can’t miss?
Football / Basketball
What’s on your iPod?
Who’s #1 on your speed-dial?
What’s your favourite meal?
If you won $50 million in a lottery, what would you do with the money?
Buy more horses and keep doing what we do
What’s your on-line addiction? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
What is the coolest place you have ever visited?
Cayman Islands
Where do you want to see yourself in five years, not only in regard to horses?
Tell us about your first horse or pony.
It was afraid to jump
Is there someone you consider your mentor?
 David Ballard
What is your favourite show venue, and why?
Spruce Meadows / Best atmosphere in North America
If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?
Be a famous singer
What is one of your worst habits/faults?
Bad Memory
Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
Just lucky show jackets
Do you have a cat or dog? Does it go to shows with you?
No pets outside of the ones in the stable
What are your biggest pet peeves?
When people bring dogs to the stable
If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
Be involved in some type of sport
Who is your favorite non-equestrian celebrity?
LeBron James
What was the scariest experience of your life?
Surgery in hospital in Africa