Have you ever thought it would be fun to ride your horse or pony through a fast-food drive-through to pick up a meal or cuppa joe? For one cowboy in Texas, it was just another lunch hour.

Texan, cowboy, model and television host Brian Doty, who lives in the small town of Joshua just south of Fort Worth, recently posted a video of himself taken by Alyssa Herold riding his buckskin horse Okie through a Whataburger drive-through.

(Brian Doty Facebook)

Doty posted the video on his Instagram feed . In the footage – complete with a cool soundtrack – Doty is seen ordering his meal while sitting aboard his horse. Then he casually rides to the pick-up window to pay the cashier and collect his drink.

The caption on the video reads, “Tell me you’re from Texas without telling me you’re from Texas… in your @whataburger orange @olathebootco boots!” The video has attracted more than 46,000 likes since it was posted a week ago.

His fabulous horse, it should be noted, is super calm throughout, leading us to assume this wasn’t his “first rodeo.” And it wasn’t: the pair have frequented the Longhorn Saloon for a photo op and Doty has even gone Christmas shopping in town riding double on Okie with his daughter as well!

Doty is the host of the This is Country TV as well as the radio show, On Air with Brian Doty. In the TV series, available on YouTube, emcee Brian is seen touring around the American west, taking viewers on ranch tours, local rodeos, diners and other western lifestyle traditions for an insider’s glimpse of cowboy life.

We leave you with some words to live by posted on Doty’s Facebook page:

“A good day is a good day. A bad day is a good story!”