As anyone can attest, the news, whether from mainstream outlets or social media, is pretty darn awful lately. It’s tough to watch what’s going on in the world on any level, from local crime to overseas wars to climate change. Then when you add in the bad news in the horse world – racehorse deaths, animal cruelty, human fatalities during competition – it’s enough to make one want to throw their phone out the car window.

That’s why we decided to give you some alternatives to bad news with a few safe places you can go to watch, read, or listen to positive horse stories.

Watch: The Good News Network is an online resource to give you some upbeat stories such as new scientific studies, horse rescues, and the like. Videos and articles have been curated from other news sources but all with a positive spin.

Listen: Horses in the Morning is a daily podcast whose mission is to be a “A light, lively, entertaining look at the horse world and the people in it.” The show is released by 1 pm ET Monday through Friday and includes training tips, health segments, listener call-ins, contests, giveaways and other fun things.

Read: Good Good Good is a website that also curates stories from around the world that are only good news, such as 12 Famous Veterinarians Who Inspired Us to Do Good.

Other similar sites where you might find horse snippets include Positive.News  and The Optimist Daily.

And of course, we at Horse-Canada will also strive to continue to bring you good, funny, positive, and heartwarming stories about everything equine each week!