Canadian legend William Shatner has boldly gone where few horseman have gone before. Last week, the Star Trek and Boston Legal star was inducted into the American Road Horse & Pony Association (ARHPA) Raymond E. Shively Hall of Fame in Kentucky. The award was presented to Shatner during the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show, a prestigious Saddlebred horse event.

The 92-year-old Shatner has been an avid horseman for decades, owning, breeding, showing, and promoting Saddlebreds. He still owns a farm in Versailles, Kentucky called Belle Reve.

“It is important to note that Bill was 90 years old when he made the victorious drive showing how the Standardbred can be enjoyed and shown by a driver at any age,” Lexie Rattermann, a spokesperson for Kentucky Venues, told a local ABC affiliate.  “For Bill, it is more than the thrill of a win or the drive, but about the exhilaration that comes from total concentration and becoming one with each of his horses. Bill has a deep appreciation and love for every horse in his life.”

According to ARHPA website, the Hall of Fame is awarded annually to a nominated candidate who has expanded the horizons of showing roadster horses or ponies, has contributed to the longevity of and participation in the discipline, or who has given of his or her talents to further the successful promotion of showing roadsters. The award is based on substantial contributions over a number of years.

Saddlebreds are only one equestrian passion of the celebrity. Shatner also runs the annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show in Los Angeles, raising money for various local children’s and veterans’ charities each year. This show features top reining horses as well as a silent auction and celebrity music guests.