Wild horse lovers worldwide will finally get to watch the award-winning documentary Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West, which debuted at last year’s Breckenridge Film Festival, followed by a premiere at the Boston Film Festival. The film won Best Documentary in Boston and at the St. Louis Film Festival and was screened at Newport Film Fest and LA Documentary Fest. At the end of April 2023, Wild Beauty won Best Documentary at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida.

The filmmaker is Ashley Avis, who directed the modern-day reimagining of Black Beauty for Disney+ starring Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy, based on her adapted screenplay. Avis was inspired to make Wild Beauty while filming pickup shots for Black Beauty, as she bore witness to the terrible abuse that wild horses face as a result of the US federal government and special interests of landowners throughout the United States. The ensuing film took Avis and her team four years to put together while thoroughly researching, interviewing experts, shooting footage, and investigating this controversial issue.

Avis also founded The Wild Beauty Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit created to bring awareness to wild horses, while also igniting creative programs such as Day with a Horse for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, along with the Wild Horse Week, a national educational program for children & teens.

The doc is set for a May 12th limited theatrical and VOD release with Gravitas; available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Spectrum, and other subscription streaming services.

Watch the trailer here: