Toronto hockey fans waited 19 years for their beloved Maple Leafs to make it through the first playoff series on the road to the Stanley Cup. Which is possibly one reason to forgive, or at least sympathize with, one out-of-control fan who took his excitement a step too far following game 6.

The man was partying on the streets outside Scotiabank Arena when he slapped the hindquarters of a police horse who was there with the mounted unit performing crowd control. Neither the horse nor the mounted officer were injured in “slapgate,” but the fan was hauled off to jail to sober up. Once released he was slapped back – with a Provincial Offence ticket.

We reported on a similar drunken idiot back in December when a Florida man was arrested and charged with battery for slapping a police horse on the rump.

The moral to the story is: when out celebrating, don’t be a horse’s ass!