If the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t have enough on its plate saving the world from evil, now one of its leading characters, Thor, has to keep up with the skills of a mere mortal, and an equestrian one at that!

In real world terms, actor Chris Hemsworth has posted an adorable video on Instagram that shows his gorgeous wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, leading her child’s pony around a course. He writes affectionately, “My wife is currently leading the rankings in the world famous sporting event known as ‘drag a horse around an obstacle course.’ Her strength and speed is unrivalled.” #RunElsaRun #lazyhorse

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Hemsworth and Pataky are parents to three children, a daughter named India Rose, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan. Fans of the couple, who reside in Byron Bay, a beachside town in the actor’s native Australia, know that Pataky is a passionate horsewoman. When asked by Marie Claire UK what activity would she choose if she could only do one, Pataky’s answer would sound familiar to many Horse Canada readers. “Horse riding is probably my favourite. I love surfing too, but I’ve been horse riding since I was really young. It gives me that focus and I really enjoy the adrenaline because with a horse it doesn’t all depend on you. It’s like surfing – it depends on the ocean and the waves, you know? So yeah, I think horse riding would be my favourite thing to do when I’m not with my family.”

A quick scroll through Pataky’s own Instagram account shows several equine related posts including a beautiful image of a rearing horse with the caption “Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

And another one that celebrates “our new member of the herd,” which we assume means that the family owns the pretty horse in the photograph.

And on a recent visit to Australian thoroughbred stud farm Arrowfield Stud, the actress and mom posted three images of her, her son and some of the foals they met with the caption, “My little cowboy ? what a great time we spent at @arrowfieldstud! Where we enjoyed and shared my passion for horses.”