Equine Canada’s Recreation, Trails and Tourism Program is pleased to announce the team of experts conducting the new Trail Network Project that will be governed by the Canadian Trails Federation.

Taking the next steps in creating a functional and efficient Canadian Trail Portal, major stakeholders from the national trail community followed up their first meeting held during Equine Canada’s National Convention February 10, 2014, to select an expert group to implement the Trail Network Project during their second round of meetings held June 14-15 in Ottawa, ON. The initiative was brought forward by Audrey Lapointe, Equine Canada’s Recreation, Trail and Tourism Manager, and the support led to a successful expert team selection.

With positive feedback and support of the project, the Canadian Trails Federation and its board members have taken over the project with excitement and the lead of Audrey Lapointe as Project Manager.

The following members will form the new expert group for the Trail Network Project:

• Albi Sole – Outdoor Council of Canada,
• Audrey Lapointe – Equine Canada Recreation and Tourism Manager,
• Holy Woodhill – Nova Scotia Trails Association,
• John Cushing – Canadian Trails Federation,
• Linda Strong-Watson – Alberta TrailNet Society,
• Mark Schmidt – Parks Canada
• Melissa Sitter – Manitoba recreational Trails Association,
• Patrick Conner – Ontario Trails Federation,
• Poul Jorgensen – New Brunswick Trails Council,
• Robert Greer – Scouts Canada, and
• Simone Moretti – Sherbrook University.

One of the Trail Network Project’s goals is to increase awareness of riding trails and trail programs in Canada, and to improve the accessibility of information on trails. With the formation of the expert group, they will work towards implementing new strategies to meet these goals.

“The Trail Network Project is truly a noble, sea changing and worthwhile project,” said Robert Greer, Director of Programs-Outdoors and International Support of Scouts Canada.

With the support of many influential leaders, Equine Canada’s Recreation, Trails and Tourism Program is looking forward to the enactment of the long-term plan, Trail Network Program.