“Tales from the County” pays tribute to the region of Eastern Ontario in a series of expressive oil paintings and delicate watercolours. Crystal Beshara captures the spirit, stories, and serenity of the countryside, offering viewers a window into a world where time slows and nature reigns. From the kinetic energy of the musical ride or heavy-horse pull at the century old grounds of the Maxville Fair and Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair to the tranquility of sheep basking in the golden light of an August day, each piece intimately illustrates the extraordinary beauty of everyday moments in the countryside.

Painting of a Belgian horse in harness.

“A well earned rest”

Growing up on a small hobby farm, Beshara draws from a rich inventory of inspiring imagery; weathered barns, endless fields of hay, looming storm clouds over endless summer fields, winding dirt roads that invite adventure and curiosity. Her artwork resonates with a profound sense of nostalgia for a disappearing way of life.

“My paintings are my way of preserving the simplicity and essence of rural living, a lifestyle that is slowly fading away, be it in the passing of time, natural disasters or innovations in modern day farming. Through my work, I strive to document this area and the inherent beauty it holds,” she says.

The exhibition showcases over 20 pieces that range from postcard size to large paintings like “Doing the Heavy Lifting” (24×30 oil on wood panel), “A well earned rest” (pair draft horses at the Vankleek Hill Fair) and “Young Colt,” a watercolour of a local cowboy and his young gelding, and of course “The Musical Ride,” a staple attraction from the Maxville Fair . Each artwork in the collection is a testament to Beshara’s thoughtful exploration and profound connection to nature and her environment. Her hope is that you may recognize some faces and places and share in these stories.


  • Official Opening Reception Sunday, August 6th, 1-3pm. Come out and meet the artist.
  • Artist Talk Saturday, August 19th 1-3pm, offering attendees a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the narratives & process behind Crystal’s works.
  • Exhibition continues through to August 27th
  • Address: Arbor Gallery, 36 Home Avenue, Vankleek Hill, ON, K0B 1R0
  • Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from Noon to 4pm, Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Beshara has a studio in L’Orignal where she resides with her husband and their two senior dogs. Visit her website at https://crystalbeshara.com