The Mini Royal is a much-anticipated annual in-house horse show and fundraiser open to all CARD riders and their families. Unfortunately, this is the second year Mini Royal has been forced to cancel. With programs closed during the COVID shut-downs this year, the need for fundraising revenue is greater than ever.

The CARD Mini Royal Re-Imagined event will allow horsepeople and CARD supporters to get together and still find a way to connect and share. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for CARD’s therapeutic riding programs ‒ revenue vital to meet their ongoing expenses. Th goal this year is to raise $60,000.

This year people are invited to reconnect with CARD in an imaginative way. You can select your activity and have until June 28th to complete your tasks:


Where to Start:

Select your activity and your personal goal. You have from June 7 through to 28th to complete your plan. Walk, dance, perform a walking dressage test, yoga, or any activity that you enjoy while maintaining a safe social distance from others. Don’t forget to take some photos or a video clip! Send them to and they will share some on their FB page. There are even prizes for the top visual submissions.

Invite family and friends to cheer you on your way. Share some special moments you have had with a CARD rider, volunteer, or a special horse. Send your stories to

Any pledges can be directed to the Mini Royal Fundraising page in a collective effort, and your donors will receive an automated tax receipt.

For more information or to make a donation, click here.