Drivers at a McDonald’s in Australia got a surprise when 18-year-old Ehtesham Ahmad rode his stunning grey Arabian horse Khalil into the drive-thru to pick up a snack. The video was posted to his social media accounts @horsevibes_Syd and garnered thousands of views.

Ahmad comes by his love of horses naturally; his father owned horses in Pakistan, and he grew up watching a Turkish TV series featuring horse-riding warriors. According to ABC News Australia  it wasn’t until his mother showed him a video of someone riding a horse in the local streets that he got the idea. “I was like, ‘no way that’s legal,’” Ehtesham told the news outlet.

Down under horses are considered “vehicles” and do have the right to use the motorways and yes, even drive-thrus. Riders are required to signal with their arms and hands when turning, just like cyclists.

Inspired, the teen bought the now six-year-old grey Khalil and rides everywhere. “He’s well trained in traffic, he’s very relaxed … he’s a good boy,” the teen told ABC News.

Ehtesham keeps his horse at a boarding stable in Prairiewood, a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. He’s such a local fixture that people recognize him even when he’s not riding and ask him where his horse is.

Of course, since Ehtesham lives near scenic beaches and sand and surf make for stunning riding images, as seen in other posts by the horseman.

The young rider also hopes to train and compete in dressage one day.