It was a strange sight for Michigan motorists on May 22 when a cowboy and his horse galloped along the I-75 chasing an escaped steer. The incident was filmed by Michigan State Police Second District, who recorded the chase scene with a dashcam and posted it to Twitter.


In a series of posts a spokesperson for the MSP described the event in detail, writing that “a team of wranglers comprised of men and women comparable to the cast of Yellowstone attempted to wrangle a cow that was stuck in a gravel pit on Belford Rd. Troopers stayed on standby to stop traffic on I-75 if necessary.”

The posts go on to describe what can be seen in the video, that the animal managed to escape all attempts at capture, including being chased by multiple horses and ATVs. “Eventually after much tom foolery, the critter was captured and removed from the freeway. Troopers reopened the freeway and things quickly got back to normal. The bovine was not charged and is back in the pasture with a story to tell all the other livestock.”

According to press reports, the bovine was a steer named Lester, who escaped while being moved from a sanctuary to a nearby ranch and had been on the lam for six weeks. He is now recovering from his adventure, safe and sound at The Devoted Barn in Fenton, MI.