The Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation (UECF) is proud to announce its partnership with Equilab, the leading equestrian tracking app, to launch a groundbreaking global challenge aimed at making a significant impact on the lives of horses in Ukraine.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has taken a devastating toll on these innocent animals, leaving them in dire need of essential feed. In response to this urgent situation, UECF has collaborated with Equilab to create a unique initiative that will bring together equestrians from around the world to make a tangible difference.

The 30 day challenge is simple yet powerful: riders are encouraged to track their rides using the Equilab app and donate to UECF’s cause. By combining the passion for equestrian sports with a commitment to humanitarian efforts, participants can directly contribute to providing vital nourishment for horses affected by the war.

As an added incentive, participants of the challenge will have a chance to win a symbolic prize as a token of appreciation for their support. While the true reward lies in the difference made in the lives of the Ukrainian horses, this symbolic prize serves as a gesture of gratitude for the participants’ commitment and generosity.

“We are thrilled to have Equilab partnering with us for this initiative,” said Marianne Ironside, Head of PR and Communications at the Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation. “Equilab’s expertise in equestrian tracking and their willingness to support our cause have been instrumental in creating a global challenge that will truly make a difference in the lives of horses in Ukraine. We are grateful for their collaboration and the opportunity to unite equestrians worldwide in providing essential nourishment and care to these deserving animals. Together, we can bring hope and brighter futures to these innocent horses caught in this terrible war.”

UECF and Equilab invite equestrians, horse lovers, and compassionate individuals worldwide to join this global challenge. By signing up, riders can directly contribute to improving the lives of horses in Ukraine, offering them the essential support they urgently require during these trying times.

To spread awareness about the challenge, participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #helpukrainehorses when posting about it on social media. This will help create a unified online presence and amplify the message of compassion for these animals in need.

The challenge will officially commence on June 1st.

About UECF: The Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation (UECF) is a non-profit organization registered in Belgium. UECF is dedicated to providing vital support and assistance to the Ukrainian equestrian community during times of war. Working in collaboration with global organizations and individuals like the FEI and IFAW, UECF aims to improve the lives of horses affected by the war. For more information, visit HERE.

About Equilab: Equilab, founded in 2016, is the premier equestrian tracking app, utilized by over one million riders worldwide. With advanced features and a thriving global community, Equilab revolutionizes the equestrian experience for riders of all levels. Effortlessly record and analyze rides, leverage cutting-edge gait analysis technology, and connect with fellow riders, trainers, and industry professionals. For more information, visit here.