As we’ve covered recently, when it comes to saving a horse in need, the good side of humanity shines through. And once again, this past week two lucky animals have local fire and rescue teams to thank for rescuing them from some dire situations.

The first incident was in Texas, a state that has been slammed with unreal winter conditions the likes they rarely see. One poor horse, a mare named Rose, fell through the ice on a pond. Her owner called the local emergency teams and they responded despite their resources being severely stretched due to the ongoing crisis. According to the Denton County Emergency Services Facebook post, the crews used a water rescue suit, roped Rose around the neck and walked the mare to safety (click below to watch video).



The post read: “Crews used a water rescue suit, rescue ropes, hand tools and a chain saw to access and remove the horse safely. Owners are currently warming the horse and looks to be okay. The Firefighter was cold but doing okay after getting out of the weather and warming up.”

Lucky rescued Rose.

The next day, Rose’s owner posted an update:

“She is doing well this evening and starting to act like her old self again. She feels good enough to bring back her classic stank face towards her little brother Finn. Thank you to everyone who has prayed and inquired about her! We are truly blessed and the real thanks goes to God and the amazing first responders at Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department, Argyle Fire Station 511 and Denton County Emergency Services District #1”

Across the pond in England, one poor horse was found lying on its side in a ditch by the side of the road. According to BBC News  the horse was in Hertfordshire where the local fire and rescue crew used a rough terrain forklift to lift the animal to safety. The horse was uninjured.

Station commander, Wayne Gibbons, told the news outlet it was “excellent work by all involved.”

No word on the horse’s owners or how it came to be trapped in the ditch.


Another job well done by the Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service. (Twitter image @HertsFRSControl)