Who is our most vibrant, inspiring, dynamic equestrian?

We’re always looking for ways to celebrate the equestrian community. That’s why when we were approached by Zoomer Magazine to find the ultimate Zoomer within the equestrian community to feature in their pages, we just couldn’t say no.

Since we have so many incredible equestrians, we knew that choosing the ultimate Zoomer was going to be hard. So, we’re turning to you to help…

We’d like you to nominate the member whom you think is the one (don’t be shy, it could be you). The nominations will be reviewed by Zoomer Magazine and the winner will be featured in a full-page ad in an upcoming issue of Zoomer Magazine.

Who is Eligible?
Zoomer is the magazine for Canadian men and women, ages 45 and up, who embrace life with experience, confidence, and passion, and who want the absolute best from everything that life has to offer. Sound like anyone you know in the equestrian community? Maybe it sounds like you? Nominate our most VIBRANT, INSPIRING, DYNAMIC equestrian, someone who lives the Zoomer lifestyle, today!

Visit the 10th anniversary page of Zoomer Magazine for more details.

How to Nominate
Go to www.EVERYTHINGZOOMER.com/10th-anniversary for details. Nominate yourself or someone you know!

What’s In It for You/Us?
Zoomer Magazine will choose the member they would like to feature from those nominated and arrange a photo shoot of that individual in an equestrian-related setting. That image will be featured in a full-page ad celebrating dedication to vitality through a short, but inspiring bio about the individual, and what our group means to them.

Know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them today!