Reality star Lisa Vanderpump was out riding her horse at The Paddock in Los Angeles when the animal got spooked and sent The Real Housewife skyrocketing through the air. Vanderpump landed hard, breaking her leg in three places and requiring surgery.

The 61-year-old Brit has owned her horse, HRH Prince Tardon, a grey, for six years, and the spook sounds as though it came out of the blue, as spooks so often do.

Vanderpump’s love of horses, dogs, and animals in general is well documented. In her other television series Vanderpump Rules, which aired its ninth season in September 2021, she is often seen with her miniature ponies and various dogs. She is also a staunch animal rights advocate and launched Vanderpump Dogs in 2016, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the horrific dog meat trade in China and promoting the “adopt don’t shop” policy of animal rescue groups everywhere.

Vanderpump was a successful restaurateur and author in England, she and her husband Ken Todd owned several trendy eateries in London and Los Angeles. She was also an actress in her younger years.

As for her riding career, her husband told TMZ that he isn’t sure his wife will ever be back in the saddle, telling a reporter that Lisa will “likely never ride a horse again … after her last ride ended with a badly broken leg.”

But he could very well be underestimating his wife’s passion for riding, in which case, give Vanderpump a few months and we think she’ll likely be back in the saddle.