The creative minds behind the Ford Motor Company cast two horses and a herd of goats to star in a series of ads for the launch of the much-anticipated Ford Bronco Sport edition.

In the 60-second spot for the Bronco Sport which first aired during the NFL wild card playoffs Jan. 9-10, a colt is seen lying in the snow in treacherous conditions, looking sad and abandoned, only to be rescued by a herd of mountain goats. The colt is seen at first struggling to keep up over the various rugged terrains – snow, steep mountains, rivers – but as it grows into a stallion it gets stronger and faster. Then the young stallion enters a cave and emerges as the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport – tough, strong, fast, almost a super horse!


Salazar and Hummer.


The spot was filmed in Washington State in October, but both horses came from the Los Angeles area. The colt is played by a young Andalusian named Lucas, while the adult horse is played by Hummer (no rivalry intended we presume). The goats were a combination of Cashmere and Nigerian animals, played by two sisters Maggie and Hattie and a male goat named Barney. The set was plagued with an unexpected snowstorm, plus COVID-19 distancing protocols and limited handling of the animals to help keep everyone safe. According to the ad agency the commercial is comprised of individual shots of the animals that are then made into a composite image.

The “GOAT” system being touted in the ad, stands for “go over any type of terrain,” hence the adorable goats. The end result is a commercial that is charming and beautifully shot and will definitely be a favorite for horse (and goat) lovers the world over.

Ad agency partner Robert Davidman told the Detroit Free Press: “What are the videos that people watch the most when they’re watching YouTube or Instagram? Animals. People can relate and connect. It’s an emotional thing. There’s so much crap going on in the world. Everyone is sick and tired. Goats are goats. They make people smile.”

You can watch the ad here: