Canadian mounted police officers and their valiant steeds represented the country well at the 2018 North American Police Equestrian Championships, in Hamburg, New York.

The annual event is designed to provide an opportunity for officers and their horses to put their skills to the test, displaying their trust and confidence in each other to the public they are sworn to protect.

This year, about 45 teams participated from all over Canada and United States, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Toronto Police Service, Kingston Police and Governors General Horse Guard.

The competition includes an equitation portion, with beginner to expert classes. There is also an obstacle course, where the bond between horse and rider is put to the test. Plus, other challenges like a fleeing felon class and a uniform class, which judges the turnout of horse and rider.

The Toronto Police Service team, comprised of Jeff Dale, Ryan Price and Doug McCaw, took first place in the obstacle course, with Dale as the individual obstacle course winner as well.

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2018 North American Police Equestrian Championships

LEO = Law Enforcement Officers
Aux = Auxilliary

Uniform and Mount Inspection
1st – Luciano Santoro, Toronto Police Service
2nd – Sarah Groenewegen, Kingston Police Department,

LEO Combined (Obstacle and Equitation)
2nd – Jenn Burgoyne RCMP
9th – Laura Illi RCMP

Obstacle Course
1st – Jeff Dale Toronto Police Service
4th – Doug McCaw Toronto Police Service
8th – Ryan Price , Toronto Police Service
9th – Luciano Santoro, Toronto Police Service

LEO Open Equitation
2nd – Jenn Burgoyne, RCMP
4th – Ryan Price, Toronto Police Service
7th – Sarah Groenewegen, Kingston Police Department
8th – Doug McCaw, Toronto Police Service
9th – Luciano Sanroro, Toronto Police Service

Uniform and Mount Inspection
1st – Luciano Santoro
2nd – Sarah Groenewegen

Aux Combined (Obstacle and Equitation)
6th – PJ Van Auken, Governor Generals Horse Guard
7th – Andrew Zeitoun, Governors General Horse Guard

Aux Obstacle
6th – Andrew Zeitoun Governors General Horse Guard
7th – PJ Van Auken, Governors General Horse Guard

Team Obstacle Course
1st Place – Toronto Police Service:
Jeff Dale
Ryan Price
Doug McCaw