You know your hobby is costly when multimillionaire movie stars are complaining…

Mark, Grace and her mom Rhea Durham. (Mark Wahlberg/Instagram photo)

In another “celebrities, they’re just like us,” moment, movie star and former rapper Mark Wahlberg quipped about the pricey sport of show jumping on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

While promoting his new flick, Me Time, the actor told Fallon that his youngest daughter, Grace Margaret, who is only 12, was “Traveling the world, jumping horses and doing her thing. Of course, she picked the most expensive sport possible,” he joked.

Wahlberg continued to talk proudly of how his daughter has thrown herself into all aspects of horsemanship. “She’s at the barn every day, shoveling poop … she’s up before me.”

Fallon showed the audience a couple of images of Grace Margaret, including one with her parents after she won a ribbon in a class, and another over fences during competition. Wahlberg joked that his daughter is looking into the camera rather than where she’s riding. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

And yes, Mr. Wahlberg, whose two sons golf, you can’t get much more pricey than ponies!