The Prince of Wales demonstrated his commitment to mental health last week when met up with a woman who is pulling a life-size resin horse to London. The woman, Emma Webb, is trying to raise funds and mental health awareness following her daughter’s suicide. Webb’s daughter Brodie, 16, was an avid equestrian who took her own life after a riding lesson in March 2020. “My purpose is to help raise awareness in a positive way to make me still feel like I can love Brodie and I can help others,” Webb told the BBC last month.

Webb’s journey began in Wales and is taking her on a 160-mile (257 km) trek to London. Prince William joined Webb in Slough, Berkshire, on what was day 13 of her 19-day journey. As posted on her X (formerly Twitter) account, she was posing for a video when the prince unexpectedly strolled into frame. Webb shouts and covers her ears in shock as Prince William embraces her. The second-in-line to the throne then shakes hands with Webb and talks with her friends before petting the plastic horse.

It was Brodie’s passion for horses and showjumping that inspired Webb to pull the horse, which weights in at 30kg (approximately 65 lbs), to the London International Horse Show, which mother and daughter attended regularly together. Webb told the BBC that after Brodie’s death, she has helped other young people with suicidal thoughts who have reached out to her, pointing them towards professional help.

Webb’s ultimate goal is to walk through central London on December 13, when the area is traditionally packed with holiday shoppers, to raise money for mental health causes. You can read more about the project on the website and use the hashtag #doitforbrodie on social media. (UPDATE: At 1:00pm local time on Dec. 13th, Emma and Miles crossed the ‘finish line’ outside the doors to the London International Horse Show venue.)

If you are having suicidal thoughts or know someone who is, call or text 988, a suicide prevention hotline that provides live support by phone and text to anyone in Canada.

A plastic horse, a map, a girl.

Miles, the miles they covered, and Brodie.