If you’re a fan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride, now is your chance to own one of the majestic horses from their exclusive breeding program.

The RCMP is hosting its popular horse auction October 5-23. According to the press announcement, “All horses offered for sale will be posted on the website with a comprehensive information and health package for each. For the first time in our auction’s history, we will also be selling surplus horse semen.”

Known worldwide for their glossy black coats, the RCMP horses have been bred in Canada expressly for use in the Musical Ride and other ceremonial tasks since 1939. Arguably the most famous RCMP horse was Burmese, a mare that was given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1969. Her Majesty rode Burmese in her annual Trooping the Color parade for 18 years. Burmese passed away in 1990.

The Hanoverian Felina is one of a dozen horses who will be auctioned off in October.

Originally the breeding farm was located in Regina, Saskatchewan, but moved to its current location in Pakenham, Ontario (outside of Ottawa) in 1968. Currently the farm has approximately 15 broodmares, 2 stallions and around 30 youngsters at various stages of development. While initially the breeding program consisted of mostly Thoroughbreds, the RCMP program introduced Hanoverian bloodlines in 1989 to ensure its horses had the required “colour, substance and conformation.”

The first auction of “surplus horses” began in 1995. These horses are offered up for sale because they don’t meet the “strict requirements of the Musical Ride.” The auctions are not a yearly affair like we see in Europe and other horse breeding centres; rather they occur approximately every two years.

According to the RCMP breeding program website, “To ensure horses go to serious buyers, we set high base prices and require all bidders to register in advance. Proceeds from the sale of these horses go directly back into the Musical Ride breeding program.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the RCMP is reserving its decision on in-person viewings and test rides until a later date.