Ohio drivers got a shock last Saturday when two police horses came charging down a major highway near Cleveland. The horses had escaped the Cleveland Mounted Police stables and were wearing only halters.

Video of the police pursuit shows a bay horse seeming to be the ringleader as a black horse stays several lengths behind. The equines, who apparently escaped during “routine care and exercise,” are seen trotting and cantering down I-90 in the opposite direction of the traffic as a police vehicle is on the shoulder and a lone officer on foot, carrying a lead shank, tries to wave at the animals to slow down.



The horses had other ideas, however, and flew past the officer. Cars come to a halt and one woman gets out of her car to try and flag the horses down. But the bay herd leader takes a sharp left and hoofs it past a brick building where a horse trailer appears to be parked.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, which posted its own video on X (Twitter) about the event, “Some real horsepower on I-90 in downtown Cleveland today. Any injuries? Neigh.” While the post doesn’t name names, the Cleveland Mounted Police website  shows eight horses in active duty. If we had to guess, the second of two bay geldings listed, Jack, seems a likely suspect. He’s described as “A bay-colored gelding who has a mind of his own. Jack is extremely muscular, strong and built like a tank.” And given the size of the white star on the other horse, there’s a good possibility that Jack’s accomplice was Mandy, a mare described as “One of the sweetest horses you will ever want to meet.”

No word on whether this equine Bonnie and Clyde(sdale) will be charged.

A group of Mounted Police on patrol.

Cleveland Mounted Police. (Cleveland Mounted Police website photo)